Настенная тарелка Гербы Союзных Республик СССР
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13 апреля 2019 в 13:20
Copper wall plate style soviet union USSR 1947 blazonry
vintage retro decor interior antiques artifact home style soviet union USSR 1947
Size Diameter: 9in, 0,75ft, 23cm.
Weight: 0,44lb, 200gr.
Electrotype. Copper.  

Historical legend. Plate from the Kremlin! 

In 1947, the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Soviet Power, by this date, on the personal order of comrade Stalin was released propaganda plate with the location of all 16 republics, in a circle clockwise depending on the date and year of accession of these republics to the USSR. 

The sixteenth Republic. A historical monument to the power of the great Empire, from 16 republics, including the Karelian-Finnish SSR, which is especially valuable.

In 1947, there was a significant reform of The Council of people`s Commissars to the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR.
30 copies were issued for the RSFSR Council of Ministers, one for each Ministry and Department of the RSFSR Council of Ministers.

It is intended for collectors, historians and other people who are not indifferent to their past and World History.

Photos are real (without color processing) of the same plate only in varying degrees of illumination and at different angles.
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